1. Politic

There are social and political upheavals, either domestically or abroad, such as the demonstration due to Indonesian government policy concerning price increases in the various fields that frequently occur because of the unstable economy. In addition, frequent demonstrations of the workers are demanding higher wages, and so forth that can hamper investors to placing capital in Indonesia. To beginning we will increase sales alternatives, such as online stores on instagram and website, and we will cooperate with gojek to facilitate delivery. so that the income from the online store can cover for employee salaries and income remained stable.

2. Economy

  • Changes in oil prices affect the company’s operational costs which include transportation escort due to utilization of raw materials and components that require the transportation costs for the purchase of fuel oil. for the delivery of goods from supplier will have an impact on the issue of fuel consumption. Therefore, it can add to the cost of production.
  • High inflation affects the exchange rate of the rupiah against the dollar can affect the company’s costs increased because most of the operating costs of companies use foreign currencies. After we are successful, we will try to export our products. If the price of the dollar is still rising, it will be profitable for us. On the contrary, if the price of weakening rupiah will reduce our income.

3. Social

Social conditions which are scattered around the company will affect the mental of the workers. If the social conditions around the company is not conducive, the employees are also have mental disorder. For example, if the environment surrounding the company are able to block on the company’s products or demonstrations and demands to the company because the company’s activities are disturbing the neighborhood, then the employees will feel insecure in the work and do not focus on their work. However, our social conditions conducive enough. This is evident from the relationship between the company quite well.

In Indonesia the use of this type of slippers produced by our already widely used by consumers in Indonesia, because the level of lifestyle in Indonesia which always follow the development model of sandals that are bold trend. we will monitor models that are in the drill so that we continue to release new products that can be received by consumers in Indonesia.

4. Technology 

Indonesian citizens have knowledge using internet media technology to find information about the products provided by us. It became one of the factors that increase sales in Indonesia. Dissemination of information regarding the models and the latest flip through various types of media such as television, internet, magazines, social media and so to increase the attractiveness of the community to purchase the product. With the attention on the above, it can increase the likelihood of such communities to use and purchase our products.

5. Target market

Actually, there are several steps to start a business selling sandals. In my opinion, the main thing to think about before jumping into this business is the target market. You must define a segment that will be addressed: whether children, teenagers, or young people.

Based on my experience, from the initial entry in this field I’ve been eyeing the women as the main target market. More specifically, the target was a college kid. Why? “According to a small survey we did, young people in the big city consumption, but they are also productive. Even if they study but have a second job. This is the segment that we are headed.

After determining the target market, the next step is to develop the character of the target. By knowing the character, we can determine the type of slippers that will be produced. The choice of quality shoes with high prices, or mediocre quality shoes at a bargain price.

From there we can calculate the capital need to be prepared. For example, if you want to sell cheap sandals with cheap raw materials, the capital is not large. But if you want quality peddle sandals, leather sandals for example, of the capital prepared also great.

6. Target Segmentation

Demography: we targeted the women, especially young women like a college student and a woman in an office, but do not deny to women household, since ranging from models of modern sandals made as well as possible and made as comfortable as possible.

Psychographics: Our product is indicated for the social medium, because of the price that will be provided to be adjusted to the cost of production, other than that our products are also intended for women with simple lifestyle, classic and practical but still trendy.

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