A. Abstract (Keywords), 200 words excluded

The improvement of ship safety is obligatory considering its purpose as public ferry crossing transportation mode. The purpose of this paper is to determine how the role of marine inspector against maritime safety at the 1st class port of Banten. Based on the use of library research methods concluded that: (1) Syahbandar marine inspector is a government agency conducting the examination and supervision of foreign ships and domestic whether the ship is seaworthy or not and carried on the country’s ports, (2) has the authority to impose sanctions such as the containment ship if found serious safety violations. (3) Syahbandar has an important role in the security and safety of shipping, viewing its function as ship seaworthy that includes safety and security of shipping and discipline in the port. (4) In Indonesia, the Ministry of Transportation as the party who holds the SOLAS implementation authority in terms of IMO called Administration has awarded a construction inspection of the hull, electricity and ship machinery to Indonesian Classification Bureau. Meanwhile, other aspects, for instance, the installation of radio, airworthiness safety equipment on ship, etc. are still carried out directly by the Department of Transportation through its marine inspector. Marine Inspector is the examination of the condition of the ship, safety equipment, and radio and boat engines.

Keywords: Marine Inspector, Maritime Safety, the 1st Class Port of Banten

B. Introduction (400 word)

Inspection and testing of the ship needs to be done in order to ensure ships marine and maritime environmental protection. In Article 126 paragraph (5) of Law Number 17 Year 2008 on Maritime, the obligation inspection and testing as well as surveillance vessels carried out by government officials who authorized and competent.

Sea Transportation Director-General of Transportation Ministry, Capt. Bobby R Mamahit, instructed all ship inspectors and testers or marine inspector for a more thorough and meticulous work, both when checking passenger ships and goods. The instructions contained in Sea Transportation Director-General Telegram No. 38/DK/XI-14 dated November 14, 2014 addressed to the Chief of Main Syahbandar, the Chief of KSOP, the Chief of Batam Port, the Chief of UPP, and the Ship Examiner Official.

The instruction of the Sea Transportation Director-General is the enforcement efforts and increases the safety of shipping in the territorial waters of Indonesia. It has commanded to all ship examiner official, such as Marine Inspector A, Marine Inspector B, Marine Inspector Radio, Auditor, Surveyor, and Measure Expert in order to carry out the task of inspection and testing of the ship throughout Indonesia, may supervise more closely to the ship seaworthy fulfillment.

In the instruction, the Sea Transportation Director-General also reminded the close supervision of the inspection and testing of the ship is done according to the prevailing provisions and procedures. If in the inspection found that the ship does not meet the seaworthy requirements, and then it must be sanctioned by not issuing letters, documents or certificates related. It is intended to give deterrent effect to the owners of the ship or the company that operates the ship in order to always put safety factors in shipping. On the contrary, if in the inspection and testing of the ship is found the result of examination and testing of ships that do not meet the requirements but still relevant certificate issued the Sea Transportation Director-General also will not hesitate to impose sanctions on officials of the ship inspectors (Beritatrans.com, 2014).

The importance of safety and security issues in the shipping is a responsibility of one’s ability and expertise in performing tasks of marine inspector. The Directorate of Shipping and Marine, the Sea Transportation Director-General has conducted an inspection random or testing quote on passenger ships in 13 ports across Indonesia. One port being the object of passenger ship testing quotes is a port of Banten.

C. Theory (500 words)

1. Marine Inspector

Regulation of the Minister of Transportation in Republic of Indonesia Number PM 110 2016 Chapter I General Provisions Article 1 Paragraph (2), Marine Inspector is government officials who have appropriate qualifications and expertise in the field of ship safety and appointed by the Minister; Marine Inspector is an official ship safety inspectors who have followed and passed the education and training of Ship Safety Audit Officer and has been confirmed by the General Director.

Marine Inspector becomes the spearhead of the aspects of safety of navigation. In other words, they are upstream in shipping safety. Marine inspector work since a ship was built at the shipyard. They check whether the hull construction, electricity and machinery ships, and others have met the safety standards contained in the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS). In practice, every state could delegate the work performed by marine inspector earlier to another party, usually to the classification of the country concerned (Indonesia Maritime Club, 2009).


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