The high level of competition in the industry of shoes and sandals now make every manufacturer of shoes and sandals should take serious note of changes in the condition or state of the market in order to be able to analyze and apply the right marketing strategy and optimal in order to continue to survive and thrive in the face of competition which is very competitive in the era globalization, where competition is not only of the product in the country but also abroad.

To win the competition, every manufacturer is always required to adjust their products to the tastes of consumers or the market and innovate both in terms of design shoes, product development and other aspects of other marketing strategies.

Branding is one aspect that determines the success of marketing strategies. Branding is one benchmark for consumer to buy and use a product for them. Every company should have a good branding strategy in order to create and develop brand awareness that can be accepted by consumers. The existence of a brand is very important for a product for a brand is not just a name or a symbol but a brand can make consumers have a perception and a very deep feeling toward the product.

Buccheri’s products are shoes and leather bags. It is produced from 1980 through PT. Vigano Cipta Perdana. Many people did not think that the brand made by Ediansyah is a genuine product made in Indonesia. The majority of connoisseurs of shoes and leather bags think that Buccheri is made in Italy.

Buccheri has won the hearts of many people and established itself as one of the brands of shoes and sandals of the most valuable in the country. Buccheri products dedicated to buyers who liked the design of spirited dynamic fashion shoes or formal. Attention to the development of shoe design brings Buccheri as the famous shoe brand holders in Indonesia. Buccheri continue to develop its product design to meet the demands of its users. Beginning with the opening of stores in Pasar Baru, Central Jakarta, Buccheri currently has more than 90 branches spread across major cities in Indonesia. With the continuous development of industry marketing world today, Buccheri see it as an opportunity to develop the concept of Online Store that will meet the desires of its users to continue to add to the collection of Buccheri’s shoes. With a high work ethic, humility in service and high confidence on the quality of its products, Buccheri shoe industry has become embedded in the hearts of its users.[1]

In the intensifies of business competition, it needed a particular identity in the marketed product to have distinguishing features that can help make it easy for consumers to identify a product marketed by the company and differentiate with competitors’ products. According Sumarwan (2004), brand as an important name for a product or service. Brand is an indicator that represents the quality of a product.

Brand awareness is the “strength of a brand’s presence in the customer’s mind” (Aaker, 1996: 10). Brand awareness involves a process through which the uncertain feeling that a brand was known, until finally have confidence that the brand is the only brand in a class of products or services.

Previous research conducted by Ade Syafri Zulmi (2013), entitled “Analysis of Buccheri Product Marketing Mix in Store Buccheri Mall SKA Pekanbaru”. Based on these results were obtained that the product, price, promotion, and place were getting a good response from consumers. From the analysis conducted or observed, it was concluded that the management of Buccheri has run well on the concept of the marketing mix that can be seen from the significant or high response from respondents who agree and strongly agree to the question.

However, the market has not been able to catch the repositioning undertaken by Buccheri. The decline in brand awareness in the markets target is their target. Brand awareness of Buccheri decreased because the marketing strategy is less intense, less creative and less effective.



a. Economics and Business Trend

Most people think if the brand outside Indonesia has better quality than local brands. This resulted in local brand becomes difficult to compete in the domestic market. However, to overcome this, intentional or mere coincidence, brand owners using the brand that impressed from abroad are labeled in English and there are many Indonesian people who do not know that the brand comes from Indonesia and is now a success on the international market.

Foreign-language brand in Indonesia has been a trend for a long time, but not all foreign brands are from countries outside Indonesia, because most of these products are native to Indonesia who uses the brand in foreign languages such as Buccheri.

Buccheri is a brand of shoes from Indonesia, which was introduced in 1980. Buccheri able to put their products in the fashion industry in the country and captured the hearts of many people. It makes Buccheri as one brand of shoes and sandals of the most valuable in the country.[2]

Information Technology or IT is a term for any technology that can help create, modify, store, communicate or disseminate information. TI also brings together the computing and communications in the form of data, visual, sound and video. According Ediansyah, Buccheri fairly cheap with quality raw materials that use local materials, but its accessories (like gasper) was imported from China, Italy and Korea.[3]

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