Background: Malnutrition in mothers and babies have contributed at least 3.5 million deaths each year and contributed 11% of global diseases in the world. According to the survey from Ethiopian Demographic and Health Survey (EDHS) in developing countries year of 2014, the malnutrition problem in Bangladesh (Asia) was around 34%. The EHDS research further revealed that women married less than 18 years were more likely to be malnourished compared to more than 18 years. This is because marriage at an early age often loses children, has no plan to become a mother, and often the abortion case. The Ministry of Health’s Strategic which includes an examination of Mid Upper Arm Circumference (MUAC)) for K1 and K4 was 93%. The incident of Chronic Energy Deficiency (DED) more than 20% was a public health problem. The proportion of women of reproductive age at risk of DED in age of 15-19 years who pregnant were 38,5% and those not pregnant were 46,6%.

Research Objectives: This research aims to determine the correlation between age and the incident of Chronic Energy Deficiency (DED) among pregnant women in Ketapang II Sampit community health center year of 2017-2018.

Research Method: The type of research used is analytic research with a retrospective approach. Subjects in this research were 1.617 pregnant women who conducted an ANC examination using totally sampling technique and using the Chi-Square test.

Research Results: Based on the results of the SPSS Chi-Square test there was a correlation between age and the incident of Chronic Energy Deficiency (DED) with the results of the ρ-value: 0,000 with a significance level of <0.05.

Conclusion: Chronic Energy Deficiency (DED) was not all experienced by pregnant women but there were still pregnant women who experienced Chronic Energy Deficiency (DED) accompanied by mother age <20 years and> 35 years. Age with high risk would greatly affect the nutritional status because at that age the mother needed a lot of nutrition for her own nutritional needs. If the mother was pregnant, the nutrition that should be sufficient for the nutritional needs of the mother must be shared with her foetus that the nutritional status of the mother and her foetus was not balanced and would adversely affect the mother and her foetus.

Keywords: Pregnant women, high-risk age, Chronic Energy Deficiency (DED)

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