Creative director is someone commissioned to make the proper concept and being able to think creatively in a corporate video production. The concept of this corporate video aims to attract prospective investors in order to invest capital into the corporate. Corporate video is a medium used as a communication tool for a corporate. With the formation of a corporate video concept by creative director, it will be seen later how the characteristics of a corporate.

This research was triggered by the community’s need for more adhesive tapes, thus making PT Ekadharma International Tbk needed corporate video to attract investors. The client was a marketing director in PT Ekadharma International Tbk who didn’t understand how to create a corporate video, therefore the researcher as creative director was asked to make a good corporate video for PT Ekadharma International Tbk.

This research conducted by the researcher uses a qualitative research method, by collecting data and making observations. After collecting the required data and also making observations, the researcher conducted the analysis thus able to get the proper corporate video concept, namely the trustworthy concept. This research aims to find out how the researcher as a creative director can make the proper concept for corporate video of PT Ekadharma International Tbk.

Keywords: creative director, corporate video, trustworthy concept

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