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The title of this undergraduate thesis is Teacher’s Struggles against Racism in Education as Reflected in Freedom Writers Film. The writer discuses the struggle of an America teacher against racism as result of racism in the school as reflected in Freedom Writers film. This film represents the condition of Woodrow Wilson students, Los Angeles. The objective of this study of this undergraduate thesis is to know about teacher struggles against racism among students and to describe the struggles of a teacher as reflected in Freedom Writer Film. In analyzing this undergraduate thesis the writer uses interdisciplinary study. It means that studying American study is not based on one discipline but also the other discipline such as sociology, anthropology, history and the others.

The writer uses qualitative method by gathering the data qualitative and presenting descriptively. The main data of this research is Freedom Writers film and the supporting data are taken from books, articles and internet. Based on the research in this undergra duate thesis, the writer obtains some significant finding. The struggles of a teacher against racism are respecting the students such as always be patient to understand students’ character. Giving motivation is also important to give students spirit in studying. The effect of racism often creates hostility among students then make a teacher tries to abolish the hostility among students. Racism will disappear while students and teacher can work together in an activity well. So, the effort of teacher is very needed to create good relation between races.

Keyword : Teacher’s Struggles,racism,freedom writers film

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