Hip-hop is a popular culture started in United States America in 1970s. Hip-hop includes unsure such as, disc jockey, rap, dance, fashion, art and language. For contemporary society, hip-hop becomes an important effect and currently becomes the most popular culture di many countries. Hip-hop is firstly developed in New York City, especially in youth people of Afro-Hispanic-American.[1] Initially the growth of Hip Hop started from The Bronx, which is the area of ​​Black people community in New York and continues to grow rapidly up to the world. Hip Hop music initially only be filled with the music from Disc Jockey by varying two rotation disks to produce unique sounds. Rapping then present to fill vocals of unique sounds that sound like screeching or scraping sound that forms the rhythm.[2] In the development of Hip Hop are also considered as part of the arts and visual arts to express Graffiti appeared as part of the culture of Hip Hop. Artists rap and hip-hop early famous among others Doug E. Fresh, the Fat Boys, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Kurtis Blow, Run-D.m.c., And the Sugar Hill Gang.

Hip-hop musical unsure emerges in various popular music forms. The popular hip-hop artists in 2000s are Black Eyed Peas, Mary J. Blige, and MIA.[3] This music genre is one of the fast beat music and “forces” the listener to sway enjoying this genre. Then, it starts to emerge dance moving in line with this genre, identically by breaks movement or it is called by breakdance.[4] This genre also influences other unsure of art creativity, namely gravity. Many gravity artist paint or scratch words or pictures in the public walls. There are some famous artists who employ gravity unsure in their works, such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Fab 5 Freddy, Keith Haring and Shepard Fairey. Hip-hop is also characterized by identic fashion style, such as baggy clothing for men, traditional African patterns, and heavy gold or platinum jewelry for men and women. Some hip-hop mode associated with membership of a gang. Certain fashion designers became popular with followers of hip-hop. A number of hip-hop artists create their own clothing style.

Now Hip Hop is growing. Not only the American black community, white teenagers as well and many are familiar with color also Hip Hop. Not only in the United States, hip-hop also become popular music in Japan. Lately more and more advertising the course or Hip-Hop competition in some areas of Japan. Hundreds or even thousands of young people in Japan currently practicing dance Hip-Hop in the classroom or the gym. Even based on the data Street Dance Association, which was formed in Osaka, this time there were more than 4 million Hip Hop dancers in all of Japan.[5] How about in Indonesia? How is the development if Hip-hop as a new culture in Indonesia, especially for the young people?

Discussion: Cultural Trend of Hip-hop in Indonesia

Hip-Hop, although initially only evolves as a new culture in America, apparently the genre music is also spread to many countries. Culturally, hip-hop music is very striking in young people, thus simplifying its spread throughout the world. One of the countries affected by the spread of hip-hop music is Indonesia. Since the ’90s hip-hop and rap developed rapidly and becomes one of the music favored by young people. The development of rap in Indonesia was accounted by the Pesta Rap compilation. Iwa K is a pioneer figure in Indonesia’s rap hip hop plague spread to young people.

As well as hip hop culture of America has now been endemic in Indonesia. From makeup and music is very up to date to make all young people try to imitate it. Over time the development of rap in Indonesia more unique. Even, those brave clicking crossover with a variety of musical genres. Of the lyrics was not only speak English, Indonesian and the area was also applied in rappers rhyme phase. In addition, who thought if the hip hop culture can be acculturated with music and regions in Indonesia. In the hands of youths who are members of a group Jogja Hip Hop Foundation, musical resistance of the minorities in America is being unique. They try to combine hip hop music with the music and language of their region, Yogyakarta.

Smart friction of turntable and the rhythm of electronic music combine with traditional musical dynamic Jogja. The lyrics of the Java language although assessed segmented has received a positive response from the rapper. Even when they performed in New York many gave applause and salute with their music. In fact, not only Jogja who do things like this, in Parahyangan, there is also a hip hop group called Sundanis which combines with the music as well as regional languages, Sunda. Musical instruments such as harps, angklung and various drumming brought into the arrangements and mixed with modern beats. Even, those are using a sinden in one of their songs. Jakarta also has a hip hop group who often sings with Betawi named Kojek. Not only music alone is thick with Betawi culture, but in terms of makeup as well. Holster slung over the neck and Betawi-style trousers and fez became the hallmark of their dress code. Not just these three cities alone, in Surabaya, Semarang, Medan and other cities if explored further to find a group of hip hop that is unique and has its own characteristics. [6]

Based on data from and book ‘Berharap Hip Hop’ (Irawan Raharja, 2009), the number of hip-hop activist in Indonesia is approximately 700,000 people consisting of artists, connoisseurs and fans of hip hop masterpiece. [7] The figure will continue to grow in front of the public so as to encourage the audience to participate in oil like the work of the hip hop culture. Judging from the characteristics of hip-hop that developed in Indonesia, it seems they both hip-hop performers singly or in groups do not want to lose Indonesian characteristic. So, they often mix the hip-hop, characterized by typical Americans with Indonesian sense. The acculturation makes its own characteristics for the community of Indonesia compared to other rappers rapper, so what they do look original. The uniqueness is what makes hip hop community abroad take into Indonesia in the rap music scene.

Hip-hop Indonesia also managed to marry the two languages ​​are realized in a collaboration track. Collaboration is fronted by The Hip Hop Shakespeare Company (THSC) and Jogja Hip Hop Foundation (JHF) which are brought together by the British Council by presenting the collaboration song using their native language (English and Sanskrit Java). [8]  The collaboration music creates an opportunity for these artists to share their skills and developing artistic practice. This collaboration is the result of modern music with cutting-edge dimension while retaining the identity of each individual and culture.

Collaboration hip hop music is an innovation beyond boundaries in cross cultural and linguistic diversity on how the use of the language can affect the formation of individual and group identities. The role of the British Council in the collaboration of hip hop music is to facilitate cultural exchange so that young people can significantly improve their understanding of other people and their culture.[9]


Hip-hop is a popular culture started in United States America in 1970s. Hip-hop includes unsure such as, disc jockey, rap, dance, fashion, art and language. Hip-hop develops their effect rapidly in throughout the world, especially in Indonesia. There are many hip-hop groups in Indonesia that acculturate the American culture (Hip-hop effects) and Indonesian culture into Indonesian hip-hop. Acculturation makes its own characteristics for the community of Indonesia compared to other rappers rapper, so what they do look original. The uniqueness is what makes hip hop community abroad take into Indonesia in the rap music scene.

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