Space of Soekarno Street and Siliwangi Sreet in the area of Kota Lama Kupang has been existed since the establishment of Kupang city and developed into trading area. The street space has a very important role for the society’s life as an instrument of economic and social interaction. Activities occurred and how the space users, especially informal and formal seller that have been long-lasting for many years are their manifestation of the meaning. Finding the meaning of street space of Kota Lama is benefit to encourage the development sustainability and contributing thoughts for the parties who have responsibility of the continuing life at Kota Lama Kupang.

The research objective was to find out the meaning of street space of Soekarno and Siliwangi Streets at Kota Lama Kupang along with to find out the terms underlying according to the space users of informal and formal sellers.

The research about the meaning of street space at Kota Lama Kupang was conducted by using quantitative paradigm with inductive analysis method. The researcher found out 24 informants of informal seller and four of them were from formal sellers, who have been at the space for about 15 years more.

The research result was the depth knowledge about the meaning of space according to the informal and formal sellers and finding of concept underlying their existence. There were two meanings of the space, namely meaning of surviving life and local life unity (community). Both concepts were supported by six themes findings namely theme of economy, kinship, togetherness, bonding with the place, gender and annual event. It was concluded that the meaning of Space Street at Kota Lama Kupang was local meaning.

Keywords: meaning of street space, space users, Kota Lama Kupang

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