Marriage is a legitimate bond for fostering happy prosperous families and household where both husband and wife bear the mandate and responsibility. This study aims to identify the procedure of recording marriage of different religions and legal consequences of marriage of different religions. The method used is literature method that comes from legislation, books, official documents, publications, and research results related to the understanding of marriage, terms and rules of marriage, marriage recording and understanding of religious marriage and interviews with related agencies for complete the bibliographic data. Data analysis was done by using qualitative analysis method. In the conclusion of this study it could be argued that: (1) the process of marriage of religious differences within the country and abroad was almost the same in which the government provided legalization and would be legalized in that State. (2) The marriage of religious difference had no right to obtain the inheritance if it was not in accordance with the heirs who in this case the heir of Muslim.

Keywords: Marriage Recording of Different Religion, Positive Law

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