Teacher leadership in the learning process cannot be replaced by its development results of high-tech instruments though. Teacher is someone who gets tasks, authorities, responsibilities professionally to educate, teach students to have a moral character and good ethics. Entering the global era of crisis people’s character, the current global developments had a negative impact on the younger generation. Such threats must be overcome in order not to worsen the condition of the nation in forming the character of young people. Teacher as a leader in the classroom has an important role in forming the character of students. Teacher is the very dominant factor and the most important because for students, teacher often used as a role model. Teacher is elements that can affect students in the classroom, so teacher should give a good example orally, actions and attitude since a teacher is a figure in pride by students. In the classroom, forming character education is already integrated in every subject, habituation efforts can be done in the classroom by performing honesty, discipline, tolerance, patriotism, peace keeping, has a caring attitude and responsibility. Habituation is done by the teacher as a leader in the class can build the character of students in a positive way. The character positively obtained by students in the classroom and school environment can also be performed habituation of students in the social environment, for example in the family environment, community environment that will create a young generation of character. Besides in the family, school is a place to form the character of the students as the younger generation to realize the nation’s next character.

Keywords: Leadership, Teacher, Character, Students


There is no one who denies the importance of character, but the more important is how to implement it thereby students can be more humane, (Mohammad Nuh, 2011). This Mohammad Nuh’s statement addresses the crisis happening nowadays namely the crisis of personality in a number of educational institutions, for example as a brawl, unethical freedom, bullying increasingly being carried out in schools. Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia (2008), character is psychiatric traits, morals or character that distinguish one person from another. Environmental factors play an important role in the formation of character. In the context of education character, the venue for the character development of students is the educational unit (school institutions, courses, training, and so on) since kindergarten to higher education, this is where the formation of character education plays a role that includes the physical environment and school culture, school management, curriculum, educators, and methods of teaching (Suyanto, 2011).

Educators are professionals in charge of planning and implementing the learning process, assessing the results of learning, coaching and training, and conduct research and dedication to the community, especially for educators in higher education (Law No. 20 of 2003). Teachers are educators, which has a strategic position in the school, especially in the classroom. Teacher is as a leader in the classroom. As the position of leadership/leader, someone in an organization expands duties carry out leadership that can be interpreted ability/intelligence push some people to cooperate in implementing activities that focus on common goals (Hadari and Martini, 2000). Characters crisis occured nowadays is a shared responsibility, the leadership of the teacher in the classroom can help analyze character issues for the creation of the young generation who are not only smart academically but also noble.

Teacher Leadership

Leadership broadly has the sense of influencing the process in determining the organizational objectives, motivate followers behavior to achieve the goal, affect to improve group and its culture, (Veithzal Rival, 2004). According to Kartini Kartono (1990) defines leadership, leader is a person who has the skills and strengths in particular prowess-excess in one area, so he was able to influence others to jointly perform certain activities for the achievement of one or multiple destinations. Sudarwan Danim (2004) defines leadership is any act committed by individuals or groups to coordinate and give direction to individuals or other groups who are members of a particular container to achieve the objectives that have been set. Based on the three opinions on the above it can be concluded that leadership is a process or action that may influence others to achieve goals.

Teachers are professional educators (Act No. 14 of 2005) with the primary task of educating, teaching, guiding, directing, train, assess, and evaluate students on early childhood education, formal education, primary education and secondary education. The teachers definition is in accordance with the opinion of (Davies and Ellison in Baedhowi; 2009); that teachers have a strategic role in guiding, directing, and educates students in the learning process. Educators are professionals in charge of planning and implementing the learning process, assessing the results of learning, coaching and training, and conduct research and dedication to the community, especially for educators in higher education (Law No. 20 of 2003).

Teacher as facilitator, motivator, inspiration and boosters, the role of the teacher (Baedhowi; 2009) is also the teacher’s role as a dynamist, mediator (Steinart in Baedhowi; 2009), as an evaluator, instructor and manager. As a dynamist, a teacher needs to create a classroom atmosphere that is conducive to learn. In addition, as a mediator, teachers act as intermediaries in developing students’ knowledge, information and knowledge that had previously been filtered, digested, and tailored to the learning context. Besides, the role of evaluator, the teachers provide an assessment of student learning outcomes, both at the time of learning and at the time of the test. The role of instructor gives assignments to students in learning to be more active in learning. Meanwhile, when acting as manager, teachers act as a leader in the implementation of learning, the role as leader is one of them in the character formation of students.

The Character of Students

Education Main Design of National Education Ministry (2010), character education is (1) an ongoing process starting from TK/RA to College, (2) through all subjects of self-development and education units cultural including extracurricular activities, (3) values ​​are not taught but developed through the learning process, (4) the educational process carried by students are active and fun. According to the National Education Law no. 20 of 2003 students are community members who try to develop their potential through a learning process that is available on line, the level and type of certain education. The Ministry of National Education has set implementation of character education began in 2011. Education is an effort to promote the growth of good character (strength, mind, character), mind (intellect), and the body of students, Ki Hajar Dewantara, (Ministry of National Education, General Directorate of Primary Education, 2011).

According to Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia (2008), character is a disposition or psychological traits, morals or manners that distinguish one person to another. Character is disposition, attitude, morals, or someone’s personality formed from the internalization result of virtues that is believed and used as a basis for perspective, think, behave and act. Virtue consists of a number of values, morals, and norms, such as honesty, courage to act, trustworthy, and respect to others, the interaction of a person with others fosters community character and the character of the nation, therefore the development of nation charater can only be done through the development of individual character of a person, however since human live in certain social and cultural environtment, therefore the devopment of individual character of a person can only be done in social environment and relevant

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