Movie Title : MAN ON THE MOON ,1999
Director : Milos Forman
Writer : Scott Alexander , Larry Karaszewski
Cast : Jim Carrey , Paul Giamatti  , Danny DeVito , Courtney Love , Chritopher Lloyd
Production : Universal Pictures , Mutual Films Company , etc
Runtime :118min
Rating : R 


Man of the Moon is a biopic film of Andy Kaufman. Jim Carrey is a lead actor in the film Man on the Moon, he played as Andy Kaufman who was an entertainer in era 1971-1984. In this film, Jim Carrey was successfully played the role and brought the film into two times Oscar winner. Carrey is a great film star in Hollywood, however, in this film Carrey is nothing for Kaufman.[1]

Andy Kaufman character was originally planned to be played actor Edward Norton, before Jim Carrey won the role. Unique coincidence: Andy Kaufman and Jim Carrey were equally birthday on January 17. In one scene, Jim Carrey perform perfectly as an alter ego of Andy Kaufman that bastard named Tony Clifton, who ruffled the night club with a sound like a duck (the ugly duckling in the real sense), sang Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive”. Carey was able to evoke the complexity of the suffering experienced by Kaufman, where he pressed his desirability to dare to do the fun. Kaufman at the time was a man comedian who played in his own net.

Film of Man on the Moon was written by Scott Alexander and Larry Kawaszeski. The film started from Kaufman as a complex child in his room, he refused to go and play out, he prefer to become a host in any TV programs by using camera that he hide on her room’s wall. The material was inspired by shabby night club and longue acting. He understood that a live performance is rarely more fascinating than when it is going wrong.

Analysis and Explanation

The 1970s in the United States is an era where TV technology began to emerge. TV then developed become a core experience of American culture. [2] The growth trend towards the use of TV was used as an ongoing media throughout the decade. In 1970, more than 9 million homes in the USA have at least one TV set saw six hours per day. The marketers of course see the era as the era of highly profitable and efficient to provide entertainment for the citizens of the USA.

In this era, Andy Kaufman emerged with his unique characteristic of being a phenomenal comedian. Andy Kaufman was born in January, 17th 1949 and since 8th years old he had performed frequently as unorthodox stand-up comedy. In 1971, Kaufman has been ‘discovered’ by Budd Friedman, owner Improvisation Comedy Club, while doing routine standing in a nightclub in Long Island.  His appearance had attracted Hollywood’s attention and he was soon emerged at TV, include new program called by Saturday Night Live. [3] Kaufman early started to practice unorthodox brand of comedy, staged at television show make-believe in her bedroom and performed at birthday parties of children from the age of eight. He began performing in improvised locations in both New York and Los Angeles, face his audience is often confused with a strange kind of performance art – she may read F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby loud until the whole audience walked out, for example, or appear on stage with sleeping bags and slept as they pleased with the action. With a variety of strange foreign accent, dead-on imitating Elvis Presley, and a strange obsession with professional wrestling, Kaufman won fans – and critics fanatical – in large quantities. After his death, some even believed the mysterious comic still alive.

In America, there are many artists that doubted the Kaufman’s concept in comedy.[4] The artists of contemporary culture or engaged in the comedy field were quite hesitant to admit the Kaufman’s work where the genre and format could not be understood. His influence on contemporary art could not be denied, and it shows some recognition as well. Due to the fact, Kaufman gave great influence to people like Paul McCarthy, Mike Kelley, Trisha Donnelly, Laurie Simmons and Maurizio Cattelan.

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