This research background is the low ability of students’ problem solving in Social Science learning at grade III SDN 219 Babakan Jati. This can be seen in students who have not been able to understand the various problems happening in their daily life. Social Science learning provided by the teacher has not yet developed the students’ thinking process for problem solving of social phenomena in the student’s environment. Social Science learning conducted by the teacher still applies the conventional system, where he uses the lecture method while giving explanation of the material being studied. Thereby, the teacher becomes the center in learning. Social Science learning performed should be able to involve students in developing thinking ability, especially in problem solving. Therefore, this research aims to find out the implementation of Social Science learning and know the improvement of student’s problem solving ability in Social Science learning by using social inquiry model. The research method used is classroom action research with Elliot design. The research instruments used are observation sheet, interview sheet, field note sheet, as well as evaluation and documentation item in the form of photo. Based on the research results obtained that the implementation of Social Science learning by using the social inquiry model stages run well as planned and improved students’ problem solving ability. The success could be seen from the average value of students’ problem solving ability that experienced improvement on each cycle.

Keywords: Social Inquiry Model, Problem Solving Ability, Buying and Selling Activities, Social Science Learning in Primary School.

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