My current view about climate change is that it is one of the effects of global warming. Most of the people in Indonesia must feel the climate change drastically and sometimes difficult to predict. Climate change occurring in Indonesia is generally characterized by changes in daily average temperature, rainfall pattern, sea level, and climate variability for example El Nino. However, many people are less concerned and aware that the lifestyle of developed countries and developing countries contribute to the effects of global warming. Climate change in Indonesia is in line with global warming caused by human activities.

Many factors cause the emergence of climate change. One of them is industrialism. The industry potential has contributed to the Indonesian economy through the products and services produced, but on the other hand the growth of the industry has caused serious environmental problems. In the industrial sector, industrialists can take advantage of weather conditions to float their efforts to create something that can be used for society. The industrialists will surely think of something brilliant and useful, namely by making a fan, air conditioner, or a small fan that can be taken anywhere. On the contrary, industrial waste disposal results in pollution of river water that can harm communities living along streams, such as reduced agricultural production, declining fish yields, and reduced use of river water by communities. The industry sector also became one of the largest contributors to the smoke of factories, co2, and the use of electrical equipment that produces emissions. The use of air conditioner (AC) in the room will produce CFCs and damage the ozone. Carbon dioxide increases because of industrial plant machinery and motor vehicles, burning garbage, and various other causes caused by human movement. In addition, greenhouse gases in the atmosphere can accumulate as a result of carbon-based industrialization. Factories, transportation facilities, and power plants made from raw oil or coal, are a major source of carbon emissions. It is estimated that 70 percent of the greenhouse gases present in the atmosphere are the contribution of developed countries that have started industrialization a century ago.

Industrialization is part of the process of modernization where social change and economic development are closely related to technological innovation. In fact, the industrialism in Indonesiahas an economic interest to prevent the negative impact of climate change on the wider global economy. Because, as mentioned in the Stern Report (2007), climate change due to global warming could reduce global per capita consumption by 20%. This means that the purchasing power and demand of the global community towards industrial and trading products will decline. Therefore, we hope that industrial technologists continue to create new technologies that can save people, the environment, and the global economy from destruction. Nowadays people already know that industrialism is a major factor causing climate change. Industrialists should realize that in today’s era of market and global environmental awareness, environmentally friendly technologies and products is a necessity. Products and technologies that damage the environment should gradually be abandoned.