Many people believe that co-working space makes their job easier.They can produce their ability in a working place contained various field of freelance, remote worker and professional individual. Their identity will be stronger since working in one place with different companies, projects or fields can help creating ideas. They who have professional skill can help the others. In addition, they can manage their work time easier. Due to the fact that they can access the place at 24 hour per day, they can manage work time in accordance with their life rhythm. Mostly the place has different function rooms for workers. They can choose to use a desk or individual space to get peaceful atmosphere. Meanwhile, for those who need more collaboration, the rooms used together with other workers will be more appropriate.

Working in co-working space will cause people’s closer relationships through the community formed. They will get new innovative collaborations in that place. It is the place where they can meet with similar creative values and energies to share their ideas. Moreover, they can develop an introductory network that will support useful solutions of many problems in the society. Thus, the place has important roles to make a strong community through sustainable collaboration.

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