Background: Storage system is a system used in order to ease storage and deposit slips discoveries that have been saved can be done quickly if the script at any time where necessary. As a result of misfile can hinder patient care, because medical record file of the patient is not available in filling shelves that have been provided.

Research objective: to fund out factors causing medical record misfiled document of the outpatients at the hospital of TK III 04.06.03.DR. Soetarto.

Research method: this research was a descriptive research with quantitative approach, and researcg design was by case study. Data collection was conducted through interview, observation and documentation. Interview was conducted toward 4 subjects. Data validity in the researchn used one method which was resource triangulation.

Research result: result from the research showed that factorof man is unavailability of medical record officer training, factor of money is fund budgeting from the hospital is less maximum, the need of medical record fun is not right on target. Factor if material is medical record sheets are used hospitals not in accordance with the standards, storage shelves of medical record documents do not meet the standards, the room lighting is not good and the facilities and infrastructure that do not meet the standards, factor of machine is the technology used is still manual, there is still no officer in charge of the implementation of the inventory of existing equipment at the medical records and how to plan the number and data types of equipment needed at the medical records are in accordance with the standard of the hospital, factor of method was security settings how hospitals keep medical records document the contents of the storage room still in physical form, the method used in the document storage outpatient medical records be centralized method.

Conclusion: There is a shortage of some aspects of them, Man, Money, Machine, and Materials that cause misfile medical record documents in outpatients.

Keywords: misfiled, medical record document, money, man, method, machine, and materials

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